Abilify Lawsuits Continue as Drug Goes Digital

Despite concerns about risks and dangers associated with Abilify, the product has crossed a digital milestone. Abilify MyCite is now the first digital medicine approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). And while it has been approved for treatment of some conditions, the expanded applications of drug continue to raise concerns about its association with compulsive behaviors and serious injuries reported in Abilify Lawsuits.

Abilify Goes Digital

Abilify MyCite allows patients and their care providers to track information related to the ingestion of Abilify. This is made possible by a small digital sensor in each pill. This sensor is composed of elements that are commonly digested. When the pill is digested and the sensor makes contact with fluids in the consumer’s stomach, an electrical signal is triggered that is then detected by a patch worn externally.

The external patch communicates via bluetooth to a smartphone app. Once the information has been reported to the smartphone app, patients can choose who to share that information with: doctors, caregivers, etc..

Abilify’s Connection to Dangerous Side Effects

For years, patient advocates have warned that Abilify has serious, dangerous side effects. While the FDA has placed two black box warning on Abilify, information about the drug has been updated to reflect its relationship with dangerous compulsive behaviors.

In May of last year the FDA made a safety announcement regarding Abilify’s association with compulsive behaviors such as compulsive eating, shopping and dangerous sex.

Since then, hundreds of lawsuits have been filed seeking to hold the manufacturer of the drug responsible for its failure to protect patient safety. The injuries related to these side effects can be severe as the behaviors often were not present before patients started taking Abilify and reports indicate the behaviors go away almost immediately after ending Abilify use.

Abilify Recovery

Patients taking Abilify who suspect they may have suffered from compulsive behaviors related to the drug are encouraged to discuss their use of Abilify with their physician and contact an attorney as soon as possible to protect their right to recovery.

If you or a loved one may have suffered from compulsive behaviors, such as gambling, excessive eating, shopping, or dangerous sex, please contact our law firm to discuss protecting your rights.