Representing Floridians After A Devastating Hurricane

When hurricanes ravage the area surrounding Pensacola and Panama City, the community suffers long after the storm has moved on. Homeowners are faced with flooded basements and homes, business owners see a loss of revenue and landlords need to repair several, if not hundreds of rental properties.

The northwest Florida law firm of Thomas J. Ueberschaer, P.A., helps hurricane and other natural disaster victims deal with insurance companies. After hurricanes Ivan and Dennis, many people turned to our attorneys for
legal advice and litigation to get the compensation for damaged property that they deserved.

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Educating Florida Homeowners On Insurance Policy Coverage

Whenever cities from Pensacola to Panama City are bracing for or recovering from a hurricane or other natural disaster, we will review your insurance policy to ensure that you are properly protected. We are passionate about ensuring that you have good coverage so that you have enough to protect your home, your possessions and your family during a natural disaster.

We have seen countless clients who believe that their insurance policy protects against flooding in their home, only to learn after it is too late that it does not include flood insurance. We answer questions about insurance policies quickly and efficiently because we know the stakes are high ? if you are not covered, your destroyed home may never be repaired. We want to review your policies before the hurricane and natural disaster hits Pensacola or Panama City.

Seek Help With Your Claim As Soon As Possible

After a hurricane or other natural disaster, the insurance claims process can be overwhelming. The number of people seeking relief from an insurance company causes delays in your payment, not to mention the stress of disputed claims or denied claims. Don’t worry and wait after a hurricane. Call us; we can help.

We will exhaust every avenue available to seek recovery for you and your family. Our attorneys are equipped to go to bat for you and your family because we have fought this battle ourselves after our own homes were destroyed during Hurricane Ivan.

After Hurricane Ivan,
our attorneys worked aggressively for victims. We obtained the first judgment post-Ivan for policy limits from our clients’ insurance company, and we are prepared to do the same in the event that we are hit by another hurricane or natural disaster. We regularly litigate against insurance companies and can recognize bad faith insurance issues.

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