Holding Oil Companies Responsible For Their Negligence

With the recent oil disaster in the Gulf, many questions remain unanswered: Who is responsible for the lost wages and profits as a result of the devastating oil leak? Who do I talk to about the decrease in value of my Gulf Coast home?

At Thomas J. Ueberschaer, P.A., our Florida attorneys are dealing with these very same questions. We work, live and raise our families along the Gulf Coast from Panama City to Pensacola and are equally concerned about the impact that the disaster will have on our daily lives. That is why we feel it is absolutely necessary to provide legal advice for all affected by the oil leak.

Holding BP And Others Accountable For Your Oil Spill Losses

We are available to help answer your oil spill questions and help you fight BP to recover for your losses. Call 850-434-8778 and
“Ask Tom” about all of your Gulf oil spill lawsuit inquiries with no fee or cost unless we win your case and recover for you. We will use our significant experience getting compensation for victims of other disasters, such as Hurricanes Ivan and Dennis, as we handle your oil spill claim.

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Helping You Establish And Prove Your Losses

After the Transocean Deepwater Horizon oilrig explosion, our community has been rocked with news of the increasing devastation to our natural environment in the Gulf Coast area. Everyone is affected in some way ? from the smell, the state of the water or the loss of a job and property values. It is likely that the oil spill crisis will continue to impact us for many years to come.

BP has a process to seek compensation for losses attributable to the oil spill. We can help you if you feel you deserve money because of the loss of revenue, land value or rental income. We anticipate that we will be able to assist the following people in their claim against BP:

  • Hotel owners
  • Homeowners
  • Landlords
  • Rental property owners
  • Employees working in the Gulf
  • Anyone who has been financially affected by the spill

Our Team Is Here For You

Our injury attorneys have protected the rights of injured victims for nearly 30 combined years, and that is what we intend to do for those injured by the oil spill. We will help you establish and prove your losses to the responsible parties, and if necessary file BP negligence litigation. We will inform you of the money that you may be entitled to receive if you are struggling to pay your bills after the oil spill. Our skilled lawyers are here to get you answers to your questions.

Free Initial Consultation ? Get Answers To Your Questions

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