Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Update: Fact Sheets Adopted

The hernia mesh litigation pending in the Northern District of Georgia took a big step forward last week with the adoption of Plaintiff and Defendant fact sheets. These are important forms that will be used to report facts about the nearly 900 lawsuits filed involving Ethicon, Inc.’s Physiomesh flexible composite mesh implants.

Fact Sheets Explained

Fact sheets are common in mass tort litigations and are important for collecting discovery information in an organized and systematic way. Typically, once steering committees in a litigation have determined the form of the fact sheets, the questions to be addressed, etc., and the Court accepts them, litigants begin reporting the information requested and providing it to opposing counsel as part of the discovery process.

In this litigation, plaintiffs will report a number of items in their fact sheets including: information about when they received their hernia mesh implant, identifying information for the specific implant they received, who the surgeon was that implanted the device and where was this procedure was performed, among other things.

For the defendant, they must report which of their representatives were involved with each of the Plaintiff’s physicians along with reports of adverse events and sales data for the Physiomesh products.

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Background & Side Effects

To date, there have been no settlements involving Physiomesh or products related to it.

In 2011, C.R. Bard paid $184 million to settle 3,000 cases involving harm from Kugel Mesh.

A number of side effects are reported as related to dangerous hernia mesh products. These hernia mesh side effects include: pain, infection, recurrence, adhesion, obstruction, and perforation, among others.

Do you or a loved one have a hernia mesh claim?

Drug and device manufacturers have a legal responsibility to accurately report the risk of harm associated with their products and disclose potential complications that can arise from their use. When manufacturers fail to do this, innocent people are often injured and left to deal with the pain, suffering, and mountainous medical expenses associated with the serious complications that resulted from the use of their product.

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