Hernia Mesh Side Effects: Signs of Hernia Mesh Complications

Complications from infected hernia mesh are painful and a source of serious injury. Typically, complications, once diagnosed by a physician, are treated with antibiotics and surgery to remove the device that caused the infection.

The process of removing hernia mesh, also known as hernia mesh revision surgery, is intensive and takes a major toll on the body of the person undergoing the procedure. If you or a loved one has or had a hernia mesh product implanted to as part of a hernia repair surgery and experienced any of these symptoms, first contact a physician to discuss care and then please contact our firm to discuss protecting your or their legal rights in a potential hernia mesh lawsuit.


A certain amount of inflammation is part of the expected process associated with the implantation of polypropylene mesh products. This inflammation can encourage healthy growth and is expected to subside soon after surgery.

For some, however, the inflammation does not subside and continues as a source of discomfort and pain. In some cases even leading dangerous infection.

Lack of Healing

The incision site of a hernia mesh repair surgery is expected to heal, but infection stemming from the device can delay or completely prevent this process. This lack of healing at the incision site can produce a painful buildup of fluids, called a seroma.

Warmth at the Incision Site

Warmth around the site of an incision is generally a sign of infection. An infected incision site may feel warm to the touch and should be reported to a physician.

Flu-like Symptoms

Another sign of infection is the presence of flu-like symptoms. These include chills, nausea, fever, and/or vomiting. While not all of these symptoms may be present, the presence of any of them may be a sign of the body trying to fight off infection.

Dental Problems

Reports have indicated that some patients experience severe dental problems following a hernia mesh infection. This can include the weakening of teeth and other complications associated with weakened dental structure.

Chronic Pain, Groin Pain

The development of an infection can be painful, often excruciating. A large percentage of hernia mesh repair patients report chronic pain and chronic groin pain. Pain in this region following a hernia mesh repair surgery may be related to infection or nerve damage and should be evaluated by a physician promptly.

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