VM Fuel Emissions

The recent Volkswagen fuel emissions fraud story has been in the news everywhere over recent weeks. Basically, under orders from the top executives at VW in Germany, engineers installed defeat devices to trick the required fuel emissions software into recording lower emissions levels than the cars’ engines actually produced. The lower recorded readings allowed the auto manufacturer to sell cars in North America that did not conform to current emissions control laws.

Get Compensation for VW Fuel Emissions Fraud

So, how does the VW fuel emissions fraud affect the consumer? After all, no accidents, injuries or deaths have been reported as a result of the emissions cheating.

If you purchased a late model VW with the fraudulent software, chances are your car currently does not meet legal emissions standards in your state. Even if you don’t care now, you will when it comes time to trade in your vehicle in the future. You may discover that the fraud has cost you thousands of dollars in trade, or you may discover that many auto dealerships won’t accept your trade-in at all.

Contact One of Our Attorneys to Discuss Your Options for Compensation

If you purchased a late model VW auto with the fraudulent software installed, you have the right to seek compensation from Volkswagen and possibly the right to return your car for a refund.

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