Workman’s vs. Worker’s Comp: Is There a Difference?

You may have heard someone refer to something called “workman’s comp” before and wondered if it is related to workers’ compensation benefits. Essentially, there is no difference between workman’s and workers compensation as they are different names for the same system. The former is a colloquial, and somewhat dated, term and the latter the technical term.

If you live in the United States, a workers’ compensation system is in place in every state to protect the rights of workers. These systems provide a means of seeking care and compensation from an employer without having to resort to a lawsuit against the employer.

Successfully filing a claim for workers’ compensation claim can be complicated. It is important to be well educated on how the system works in your state, as each state has its own nuances and rules. In many cases, individuals should consider contacting a skilled workers’ compensation attorney to help them.

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Why two names for the same thing?

Originally, in the United States, there were few comprehensive or strong protections for the rights of workers. If a worker suffered an injury while working or as a result of the conditions of their work, they would need to sue their employer to pursue recovery.

Over time, the situation improved as protections and standards were established in the law providing for the compensation and care of injured workers. The laws that provide for the compensation and care of employees injured on the job came to be commonly referred to as workman’s comp benefits and, to this day, many people still use this term to refer to these protections in conversation.

Despite how common the term workman’s compensation is, the correct term is workers’ compensation.

Effectively, though, they refer to the same protections for workers throughout the United States.

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