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For many injury victims and their families, one of the hardest things about experiencing a car accident is the confusion and stress?after?the accident. There are so many questions about what rights they have, how they can get their lives back to normal and what they should do right now. All the questions can be overwhelming if there aren’t enough clear answers.

The Florida law firm of Thomas J. Ueberschaer, P.A., can provide the answers you need. More than that, we are set up to spend time with potential clients and?actually listen to them.

We hear certain kinds of questions from people who are dealing with the aftermath of a?car crash. This website is not meant to give legal advice, but we think it is important to articulate and list popular kinds of questions here:

Questions About Insurance And Injury Claims

  • Why shouldn’t I talk to the other driver’s insurance company?
  • Should I accept the?injury settlement?I am being offered?
  • Is the insurance company lowballing me?
  • How long will my case take to complete?

Questions About Attorneys And Law Firms

  • Aren’t all personal injury firms basically the same?
  • What makes your firm different?
  • How many accident cases have your attorneys handled?
  • Is it true that every one of your clients?works with Tom?

Questions About Compensation And Medical Expenses

  • How much is my injury case worth?
  • Who will cover my medical bills right now?
  • How will I make up for lost income or the loss of my vehicle?
  • Why do I need an experienced lawyer to handle my injury matter?

Questions About Negligence, Distracted Drivers And Drunk Drivers

  • How do we prove that the other driver was at fault?
  • What will happen to a driver who was drunk behind the wheel?
  • How prevalent is?texting and driving?in the Florida panhandle?
  • How do you approach a distracted driving or?drunk driving?case?

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