Car Accident FAQs

For many injury victims and their families, one of the hardest things about experiencing a car accident is the confusion and stress after the accident. There are so many questions about what rights they have, how they can get their lives back to normal and what they should do right now. All the questions can be overwhelming if there aren’t enough clear answers.


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Questions About Insurance and Injury Claims

The Florida law firm of Thomas J. Ueberschaer, P.A., can provide the answers you need. More than that, we are set up to spend time with potential clients and actually listen to them. We hear certain kinds of questions from people who are dealing with the aftermath of a car crash. This website is not meant to give legal advice, but we think it is important to articulate and list popular kinds of questions here:

  • Why shouldn’t I talk to the other driver’s insurance company?
    • Once an accident is reported, the other driver’s insurance company will start their work to diminish or defeat your potential claim. When you call, your conversations will likely be recorded, and any words you use will be potentially used against you. The insurance company will not work to benefit you, as they are only there to protect the negligent driver that caused you injuries. Having an experienced lawyer who will deal with the insurance company is the best way to protect your right to a complete and fair recovery.
  • Should I accept the injury settlement I am being offered?
    • The first offer from any insurance company will not be their best. If they do offer the full limits of their insurance, you must remember that the driver and owner of the car that hit you are still personally responsible for all of your damages. A full investigation by our firm will help determine what settlement if any is best for you.
  • Is the insurance company lowballing me?
    • In most cases, I can give you an honest answer to this very important question in 30 minutes or less, and of course our consultations are always free.
  • How long will my case take to complete?
    • Some cases settle quickly. Before any settlement is suggested, our firm will make sure that our client has been treated by all the specialists needed to fully evaluate all permanent injuries and the cost of future medical care. Only then can the client decide whether to resolve their case or go to trial. We never want our clients regretting a fast settlement later when they perhaps realize their injuries were far worse than they thought. Getting a case to trial can take up to two years or more.

Questions About Attorneys and Law Firms

Aren’t all personal injury firms basically the same?

    • Not at all. My law firm is a full service law firm with personal attention to my clients. I have always insisted that the person you see in my firm’s advertising is the same person who can be there to talk with you, try your case and hand you your recovery when the case is resolved. I get calls from people every week who have spent months or years having another law firm represent them who say they have only spoken to their lawyer once, or sometimes never. Your experience here is founded on the basic principle that I am your counselor, advocate and friend through your most trying times.
  • What makes your firm different?
    • When you call my office, you can actually speak with me personally. Every person who calls for the first time, whether we can help or not, is genuinely surprised and glad that they get to talk with me directly, not one of dozens of young, inexperienced lawyers that fill the offices of larger firms.
  • How many accident cases have your attorneys handled?
    • We have handled the needs of well over 10,000 clients, and we have recovered well over $100,000,000 in settlements and awards.
  • Is it true that every one of your clients works with Tom?
    • Each client can speak with me personally at any time in the course of their case.

Questions About Compensation and Medical Expenses

  • How much is my injury case worth?
    • The answer varies, but I can provide an accurate estimate in most cases after our initial 30-day investigation period. Once you call my office, we are that much closer to making the determination.
  • Who will cover my medical bills right now?
    • Car insurance and health insurance will cover the medical bills as treatment moves forward. Any remaining bills are gathered and resolved when the case is settled, leaving our client’s with no medical bills at the end of the claim.
  • How will I make up for lost income or the loss of my vehicle?
    • Lost income will be part of our claim to the insurance companies, added to any past medical bills, future medical treatment costs and pain and suffering. In most cases, the loss of a car is resolved within the first 30 days.
  • Why do I need an experienced lawyer to handle my injury matter?
    • With this firm, you know what you are getting – an experienced attorney who has personally helped accident victims since 1996. Experience counts when the insurance company denied your claim. If they know you have an attorney who knows how to try your case and has done it for decades, they will have to listen to your demands.

Questions About Negligence, Distracted Drivers and Drunk Drivers

  • How do we prove that the other driver was at fault?
    • A thorough investigation of the claim performed as soon as possible after the accident is the best way to win your case. Is there video of the incident? Are there witnesses that need to be contacted? Answering these questions early on helps us get the best recovery possible.
  • What will happen to a driver who was drunk behind the wheel?
    • They will be arrested and in almost every case have no defense to their own negligence.
  • How prevalent is texting and driving in the Florida panhandle?
  • How do you approach a distracted driving or drunk driving case?
    • Impaired drivers make our job for our clients easier, but only if we can prove it. If a driver is distracted, gathering phone records and witness statements are critical.

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Every automobile crash case is unique. Get legal guidance regarding what to do after a car accident. At the law office of Thomas J. Ueberschaer, P.A., in Pensacola, Florida, we are a unique resource for injured people and their families. Contact us for help.

Injured in an Accident?

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