Cause of fatal Epcot bus crash eludes Florida state troopers

The investigation of a crash involving a Walt Disney World vehicle is underway. Florida Highway Patrol said the reason for the fatal accident is unclear. The person who might be able to provide troopers with an explanation was killed when her stopped car was struck by an airport transfer bus.

Reports said the accident victim’s Buick was stopped in a lane of Friday afternoon traffic near Epcot Center. A Disney’s Magical Express bus driver was traveling in the same direction on the same road carrying three dozen passengers from Orlando International Airport.

Investigators said the 33-year-old bus driver attempted to brake before rear-ending the Buick. Two bus passengers and the female car driver were hospitalized. The passengers were treated for minor injuries. The car driver, an employee at one of the Disney resorts, died.

Investigators have yet to determine how fast the transport bus was traveling when it struck the car. State troopers noticed that the bus driver’s line of sight may have been blocked by a crest in the road just ahead of the accident scene.

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Witnesses are expected to help police understand why the car was stopped in the middle of the road. Officials are inspecting the vehicles involved for mechanical failure.

Discovery of the accident cause will determine whether state police issue a citation or file criminal charges against the bus driver. Investigators may feel the crash was accidental and unavoidable.

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Source:, “Disney employee killed, 2 hurt when Disney bus rear-ends car near Epcot” Susan Jacobson, Aug. 17, 2013