Defective Drugs

You shouldn’t have to face serious injury or illness when you use a household item according to its directions or when you take a drug as directed by your doctor. If some sort of product, device or pharmaceutical has caused you to suffer an injury or illness, you should contact Thomas J. Ueberschaer, P.A., to speak to an attorney.


Injured by a Defective Product? Our Lawyers Can Help.

Thomas J. Ueberschaer, P.A., is one of the premier personal injury law firms in northwest Florida. Our skilled defective product and defective drug attorneys have nearly 30 years of combined experience in representing injured persons and their families. Let our personal injury lawyers help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Call us toll free at 844-598-1343 to arrange for a free initial consultation.

You May Be Eligible for Compensation

When you are injured or stricken ill by a defective product or drug, you may be entitled to receive compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, loss of physical capacity, pain, suffering and mental anguish. Punitive damages may also be awarded if reckless or wanton disregard for your safety can be proven.

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Manufacturers Are Responsible for Damage Caused by Their Products

When a product malfunctions due to a defect and causes serious personal injury, the manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer of the product should bear the losses caused by the defect. We file product liability actions based on theories of negligence, strict liability, failure to warn or breach of warranty.

Just a few examples of products that are often involved in product liability cases include: power tools, toys, appliances, motor vehicles, industrial machinery, pharmaceuticals and food. Recently, building materials such as drywall imported from China has been linked to illnesses across the state of Florida and triggered product liability lawsuits.

We are also here to assert your rights to compensation if your health has been harmed by use of prescription drugs from Accutane (for acne) to Zelnorm (for stroke and heart attack) and everything in between (such as Fosamax, for bone loss).

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$325,000 was awarded to a client who experienced a head-on collision resulting in serious injuries to their legs.


$1,100,000 was awarded in a workers' compensation settlement. The client was moving a heavy object resulting in permanent total disability.


$90,000 in back due benefits and ongoing payments after judge’s hearing for 45-year-old mechanic suffering from severe sleep disorder, leaving him unable to maintain any full-time employment.