Slip and fall accidents

Negligent property owners should pay the price for their negligence. At Thomas J. Ueberschaer, P.A., we will carefully investigate your accident and litigate aggressively on your behalf. Our experienced attorneys work hard to achieve fair and just compensation for your past, present and future lost earnings. We also attempt to recoup expenses such as medical expenses and disability-related losses.

Was Your Accident Caused by a Negligent Property Owner?

Have you suffered a serious slip-and-fall injury on unsafe private, public or commercial property? Businesses and property owners alike have a responsibility to those who have to walk on or around their property. You should not have to risk injury because of another’s failure to maintain a safe premises.

Experienced Legal Support for Your Injury Claim

If you were seriously injured in an unsafe environment and are still paying for it, physically and financially, take the necessary steps to protect your rights. Contact the lawyers of Thomas J. Ueberschaer, P.A., for a free consultation. Our attorneys have nearly 30 years of combined experience in representing injured people in northwest Florida.

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“They are very professional and reliable attorneys, with a wonderful staff of paralegals who helped me get everything set up. They handled all my cases quickly and efficiently. From the moment I stepped into their office, I was taken care of. I went from zero progress with my claim to getting immediate benefits after they started working on my case.” – J.D.

Prepared to Handle All Types of Slip-And-Fall Accidents

A home or business can have any number of unsafe conditions. Below is just a brief list of objects or conditions that often give rise to premises liability claims:

  • Slippery floors
  • Uneven or broken sidewalks
  • Broken stairs
  • Stairwells with inadequate lighting
  • Loose hand rails
  • Balconies
  • Elevators
  • Escalators
  • Walkways lacking warning signs
  • Swimming pools
  • Playgrounds
  • Buildings with entrances and exits that lack handicapped access
  • Parking lots or ramps with inadequate lighting or camera security

Don’t take your slip-and-fall injury lightly. The damage done to your body by a premises liability-related accident may not manifest itself for weeks or even months to come, but before you know it, you may be missing time from work, losing wages and getting overwhelmed with medical bills.

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$325,000 was awarded to a client who experienced a head-on collision resulting in serious injuries to their legs.


$1,100,000 was awarded in a workers' compensation settlement. The client was moving a heavy object resulting in permanent total disability.


$90,000 in back due benefits and ongoing payments after judge’s hearing for 45-year-old mechanic suffering from severe sleep disorder, leaving him unable to maintain any full-time employment.